Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Ski Marathon Circuit - Men's

March is one of my favorite months here because there are so many ski marathons. I've sort of compiled a list of the racers who did the big three Alaska marathons in terms of participation (Tour of Anchorage, Oosik Classic, and Sonot Kkaazoot), plus mention several other notable athletes who did at least three ski marathons in the past month. [This list may not be complete so let me know if I'm missing people that you know].

ALL-ALASKA CIRCUIT--TOA, Oosik, Sonot--(Total Combined Time)

Eric Soederstrom---2:33:56, 2:19:06, 2:13:48 (7:06:50)
Don Haering--------2:27:35, 2:26:52, 2:25:10 (7:19:37)
Dave Arvey---------2:33:08, 2:25:59, 2:28:09 (7:27:16)
Alex Morris--------2:34:15, 2:32:07, 2:25:34 (7:31:56)
Roger Sayre--------2:40:22, 2:53:47, 2:34:12 (8:08:21)
Mikail Glasinov----2:51:04, 2:38:41, 2:46:55 (8:16:40)
David Apperson ----2:47:21, 2:54:21, 2:35:11 (8:16:53)
Eric Buetow--------3:53:44, 3:54:18, 3:35:32 (11:23:34)
Tim Mowry----------4:23:48, 4:29:25, 3:51:53 (12:45:06)

Soederstrom, known more as a sprint specialist made some waves earlier this winter with some high finishes at Super Tour and NCAA races in the Lower 48. He improved with each race, and blasted to a near course record at the Sonot to run away with the title ahead of Don Haering of APU (and 2009 AK State High School champion, and Dave Arvey). Haering showed remarkable consistency, while Arvey of Fairbanks was also consistent and strong for each race. Good to see college skiers like Alex Morris and Dave Apperson out there, carrying the torch for the next generation.

Mikail Glasinov and I had a pretty good battle for the age 50+ division. He had an excellent race at the Oosik and had good showings at the Tour and Sonot, and we were only separated by 8 minutes by the end.

Eric Buetow did all 3, and he's almost 60! The intrepid Tim Mowry obviously held back at the Tour and Oosik, but blasted a very nice Sonot. Nevertheless, he could not hold off his wife Kirsten.

Dylan Watts could have easily won the circuit, after taking both the Tour of Anchorage (2:15:01) and Oosik (2:17:02), but he opted for bigger and better than the Sonot and competed in the Super Tour/USSA Distance Nationals in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he took 20th in 2:47, about 10 minutes behind champion/Olympian/World Cup skier Kris Freeman.

Bart Dengle was 4th at the Tour (2:15:45), won the Katchemak Bay 40K the following week, and was 18th at the 50K classic Super Tour/USSA Distance Nationals in Sun Valley.

Meanwhile, Mike Kramer of Fairbanks had skied to an impressive 11th at Tour of Anchorage (2:28:25), hung tough a the Oosik (2:37:13), and then skied 100 MILES this past Sunday in the White River 100 to take 2nd skier (10:19).

Tomorrow, the women.


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