Sunday, January 16, 2011

Return of Mr. Hyde

There are race days you'd like to forget and for me yesterday was one of them. I felt tired and flat most of the week (very tired on Monday, skied pretty solid 90 min or so on Tuesday, but then like a Swedish pancake for the rest of the week). I did have a nagging sense of, why am I doing this from Wednesday on, but figured because it's there and the only Town Series race that I'm ever interested in racing (this was my first Town Race since 2009 and only second one in three+ years).

Compare to last week, when I was an average of 7.9% behind the top three skiers in the 20K. Same three guys raced this week (3rd, 10th and 11th this time with a deeper field), but I was 17.3% back. Ouch, and ouch again!

I could list off a bunch of excuses (from head to toe, and beneath), but that would be boring. Anyway, looking forward to more classic training, but skate racing for now.

Here's the techie stuff:

Glide I had LF Moly and LF4 as a base layer and topped that with Star HF8 (cold), and for kick just VR30, about the same as last week. Could have done fine with one less layer. HR, looks like it was mostly a threshold workout, averaging 154, which was less than last week for twice as long!


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