Friday, November 19, 2010

Healthier, yet still not wealthy, maybe a little wise

The asthma abated, thanks to the meds, and I'm a little more careful this week with warm ups and training. For example, on Wednesday I tried a Level 3 session. It was -4, so I wore a mask, warmed up 25 minutes and tried not to ski myself into the ground. I've also been taking a couple puffs from the inhaler before every workout, not just race days. Even though I ended up gasping and ripping off the mask after 2X 11 min it wasn't too bad.

My days of racing at -18 or -20 F are over, and maybe even -5 or -10. Likewise, as a coach I'm not going to change the team tradition of holding skiers out even when it's -10 or -12, well above the NSCF's cutoff of -20. At more moderate levels of cold, say -6 or -8, we'll see.

Hoping to ramp up training, but with this hectic schedule it isn't easy. I am getting a lot of hours on the skis, just not big training hours. Working on getting in one long ski (2+ hr) and one threshold or V02 type session per week.

Wealth, or lack thereof, hmmm. Maybe another day, huh?


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