Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not that I'm counting or anything

A year ago, during the week of the Running Club North/Flint Hills end of year banquet, I ran about 65 miles and was still feeling healthy. The wheels started coming off on a long run the very next day, and I had to cut that last run short at about 13 or 14 miles.

Other than 2007--when I sort of made an effort to find some other summer races--I've always tried to be ready for the races in the RCN/FH series. This year my plan was to do five or six of the eight races (Gold Discovery and Equinox were off the table). In June I even entertained thoughts of running Kenai Marathon this September.

Only made it to two from the series (and have only run six or seven times total since the end of June), although I must admit to have been very tempted to run the Flint Hills Mile, Race for the Valkyries, and Golden Heart XC run. But decided to be conservative and to try to let this thing heal.

Next year, even if I'm only running 10 or 15 miles a week or less and cross training, I will line up for no fewer of five of the races (unless in a cast or chair bound).

Pretty cool though, Tristan was this year's winner for the 12 to 14 age group. He ran about 10-12 miles a week this summer and is looking forward to running in high school next year. Congrats to Tristan, and of course all series winners, top finishers!

Anyway, not that anyone's counting (and no need to look...just move along) to make myself feel a little better I tallied up my overall and age group placings in RCN/Flint Hills series races since moving here in 2004.

Not that I keep track of such things. Really. Nope doesn't matter to me......
(har har)



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