Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gotta Scoop the Paper on Equinox Preview

Just for kicks.

I dunno, but the women's race looks wide open this year. I thought maybe we'd see Melissa Lewis in there, and she could maybe destroy the course and masters record (Sue Faulker's 3:18), but didn't see her in the entries. Nor is last year's winner Laura Brosius. Davya Flaharty (2nd at Humpy's with a 3:10 in August) seems to be the strongest entry this year. But then again, I'm no expert of the Anchorage scene, but none of the Crow Pass leaders, or from their Trail Series (other than Saari), are entered.

The men's race should feature a good match up between 2 time winner Matias Saari (now 40) and Equinox newcomer David Dyer. Dyer has just run one marathon (Mayor's last spring), but he's young and has wheels (14:20s 5K speed in college). None of the expected Anchorage studs (Geoff Roes, Eric Strabel, Erik Johnson, or Tom Ritche) appear to be entered.

One thing almost for certain, the master's men's record of 2:58 by Frank Bonzanich set in 1984 should be going down. The weather looks good, if not too good this time. Could be warm out there this year.

Seems like it will be a good year to collect a plate!


Anonymous Roger said...

Well, Strabel is running after all, according to the paper. Still think Matias will win, shattering the masters record with a 2:52. Strabel 2nd 2:54, Dyer 3rd 3:01.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow amazingly close with your predictions for the top 2; Dyer right up there too!

8:48 PM  

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