Friday, August 27, 2010

Haven't Forgotten, Just Got Busy

Still need to put up age grade rankings for Santa Claus Half, but haven't had the time over the past few weeks. I did make it out to the race to watch and cheer on runners. It was bittersweet because I had so much fun running there last year and to be on injured reserve isn't a lot of fun. Nevertheless, there was some good age group running. I'll get to it.

Meanwhile, went dip netting in Chitina the other week and nearly got a limit, but we pushed our luck with being out there late. Then I had a run-in with some bears at 11 at night. The sow 30 yds away chomped and woofed, and I got out of there very quickly, and had to retrieve my last load of fish the next morning!

Knee rehab continues, 1/2 step up at a time and 3/8ths back. Have tried to run a couple times in the past few weeks but even 1 or 2 miles results in a setback. Not to mention carrying 60 lb loads of salmon up a scree slope in said dipnetting adventure. Nevertheless, it is getting better by increments. Maybe try again by Labor Day or the following week.


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