Thursday, July 01, 2010

On the Osteoarticular Rollercoaster, Again

Flint Hills Mile is tonight, and I was going to gear up for a sub 5, but that will be a DNS to go, thank you very much.

After 10 days of knee pain--starting out intermittently, but slowy sliding toward steady--I pulled the plug on running as of this Monday. I can feel a "stress reaction" (aka/formerly known as a stress fracture) building into my knee. Whether it's a hot spot or start of another crack there is no doubt that this thing isn't going to get better until I rest it for (ARGGGHGG!!!!!) five or six weeks.

I'll get a medical diagnosis after we get back from Colorado.

So today I went out on a 22 mile bike ride, up Sheep Creek to St. Patricks and Henderson, and back along the Equinox course to mile 25, before heading back to town. Nice day for a ride and I got in a good workout.


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