Wednesday, June 09, 2010

More Local Schedule/Race Woes

I hope that no one is offended but this seems shaping up to be the year of the ho-hum drum & let's screw up the races around here.

Last week I complained a little about lack of quality local races in May. Now it's June and we're in full swing, but everything is out of whack.

On Saturday my son ran the Alaska Statehood 5.1K. 5.1? Cute, to celebrate each of Alaska's years with another 0.1K, but do we really need another odd distance race here? I should keep a tally of accurate to off distance races. Anyway, Mikko ran stellar and placed 2nd overall. I brought out the measuring wheel and his 5K split was 19:01.

We were all set to run the Mosquito Meander this coming weekend, despite the fact that it's yet another over-hyped and expensive fun run that allows rollerblades, bikes and other conveyances. However an ad in Sunday's paper mentioned that, because of some construction, the course would be 3.2 miles instead of 3.1. Again? What about moving the start/finish?

It's not a difficult thing to do.

Well, due to the inability of race organizers to think within a reasonable framework, and the fact that the last time I ran MM (2007) I was very flat for the Midnight Sun Run, I've decided to run 3000 m on the track on Thursday. has 10:16 as the fastest time for the 50-54 age group (I bet there are a dozen or more who can run a faster 3K split in a 5K). Hey, I might have a shot at 10:16. Maybe get a week or two with a nation-leading time and all the glory (hah hah!) that goes with it.

One more. They had the Moose Mountain Madness 4 mile yesterday, on a rugged hill climb and descent course, and I had thought about running but way too many thing going on with FAST and kids soccer. Good thing. The leaders ran off the course. Bummer for them, but Laura Brosius ran a women's course record with a 35:31.

One of these days I'll do that one.


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