Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Now can the season begin?

May and September usually have the best weather for racing here, perfect temperatures, consistent weather, usually not a lot of wind or rain, little or no smoke. Neverthless, the race pickings are slim in those months. We have the Chena River Run, which is competitive 5K on a slow course, on the first Saturday of May; and then the Murphy Dome Roam, more of a training fun run, on a hilly 8 mile course on the 2nd week. After that not much of anything--a couple of fund raisers on courses that aren't measured accurately.

June, July, and August are packed, often with two or three races a week. But in September, most everything is a giant genuflect to the Equinox Marathon gods. Meh, I'm getting bored with the local calendar, but will do my best to smile and enjoy.

Coming up in June (typically the best month for quality races):

June 3 - track mile (and probably 800), usually no one to run with but a good tune up; I don't have the chutzpah (base) this year to run a hard 5000 or 3000, as I've tried to rally up in past years (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009), with varying success.

June 12 - Mosquito Meander 5K, dumb course (at least it's flat) and expensive race, but I'll do it.

June 19 - Midnight Sun Run, no great expectations but would like to win AG again.

June 24 - maybe something on the track (800 m?)

June 26 - Spruce Tree Classic 7.2 mile trail run, I've always wanted to do this one on the UAF trails.


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