Monday, April 19, 2010

Bagged 'em (my skis, not the tea)

Saturday's snow cover at Birch Hill was light and fast. Icy hard pack, with a few slushy spots, covered by maybe 2 mm of snow from the other day. That made for some fast, but easy skating. I did a hard effort at Level 4 with 3X Stadium start, and Tower Loop to the base of the last climb: 5:51, 5:51, 5:54, with a 2.5 min recovery. Probably should have taken a full 3 min.

I wasn't planning to ski on Sunday but decided for on more go because Saturday was so good. Did White Bear and Moilainen's (11K) at an easy effort but it only took 45 min, and that included taking off my skis a few times to traverse bare spots. Sonot Cutoff was a 100 m of hockey rink ice. All good fun. The Euro's are still racing; Where are the Alaskans!? Eh, they're cycling and running and doing other sports.

Speaking of which, went out for an hour run after Sunday's ski. Quads felt like stumps but the knee felt good.

Summer waxed the skis in the afternoon and called it a year. Up to 25 miles a week already, just 3 weeks post surgery. Wasn't much of a skier this year, and guess I'm a runner again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Alaskans are all doing backcountry ski trips.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Ha ha, I guess I'm not Alaskan, just a transplant.

I did Castner Glacier last year, but just 3 weeks after surgery decided against slogging through the slush.

7:05 AM  

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