Friday, June 04, 2010

1500/400 Shaking Off A Little Rust

Weird day. First the weather. After months of drought and recent weeks of smoke in the air from forest fires, we've had a few days with late afternoon convection storms. Huge nasty clouds build up over the hills north and west of town, followed by some rain and winds. Not sure if it will help the fire situation in the long term but maybe.

Anyway, big black cloud to the north was hanging. Meet scheduled at West Valley HS track for 6:30.

5:50 I got there but the infield was filled with about 40 (no exaggeration!) tents in preparation for Relay for Life this weekend. Not a trackster in sight.

6:05 walked into the track area and still no one but the Relay for Life people. Meanwhile, we were getting sprinkles and the wind was kicking up, so I took a long loop through the parking lot.

6:07 I split over to Lathrop HS, about 4-5 miles away, thinking that they moved the meet. No one there either.

6:21 head back to West Valley

6:33 All of 5 people jogging the infield: 2 lawyers, Jim and Dave; 2 recent college grads Einar and Chris; and Pat, an elderly fixture on the local running circuit--doing his first meet since high school!

6:42 After a quick 1 mile warm up with a couple of strides thrown in we line up for the 1500. Our biggest concern is a baby (<1 yr old) with a mohawk who kept crawling out onto the track on the far turn. Chris and Einar took it out fast over the first 100, and I settled into an uncomfortable 3rd. 75.1 (too fast) for the first lap, and 2:34 at 800 (2nd lap too slow). I was feeling it on the third 3:53 (also too slow) and measured an increasing stride rate over the last 300 to finish in 4:50.5 Not exactly earth shattering but as of this week it would 5th for at 1500 m and a surprise 84.6% for World Masters Association age grading.

Considering I wasn't even running 2.5 months ago. Okay, I'll take it.

Einar, Chris, Dave, Jim, and Pat duked it out in the 800 and I jumped into the 400 while Jim timed. This was my first 400 in 12 years. Yes I've slowed (55s as an open runner; 60 or 61 at 40), but my excuse is no speed work so far this year and I'll stick to it until next week! A blazing 65.6.

We wrapped up just when the rain came, with Einar, Chris, and Pat running all five events.

This is a decent start to get the speed to run sub 5 at Flint Hills Mile next month.


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