Monday, June 14, 2010

That didn't last long

I enjoyed less than two days on the leader board for the US men's 50-54 age group for 3000 meters.

M50 3000 METER RUN Show Complete M50 3000 METER RUN List

All American Standard: 10:45

1 9:18.2h
SANTA BARBARA ,CA on 06/12/2010

That's a great time, more than 90% for the World Masters Association scoring system, and way better than the 10:12 I did the other night. Some notable runners will be turning 50 within the next few months to few years and the records and rankings will be that much tougher. I'd still like to break 10 this year and might have a shot at the AK Senior Games in August, but that will almost certainly have to be a solo effort.


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