Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great Besh Weekend!

The kids skied very well this weekend! My race was a bit of a wash, but maybe that's to be expected.

On Saturday Kuba and Erich lit up the J2 semis with both taking a relaxed looking 2nd in their heats. Tristan made the J3 B-Final and took 3rd in that. Joe (13th) and Mikko (18th J2) didn't pass beyond the qualifiers, but this was a Besh Cup debut for each, so they did well.

In the J2 final the plan was for Erich and Kuba to take control from the start and go 1-2. Kuba took the lead and Erich was fighting for 3rd and 4th, but fell at the turn around. Kuba held the lead until the final 50 m, and he was edged out by Erik Backstrum of AK Winter Stars.

For Sunday's 5.6K classic Erich was skied to an inspired 4th place in a race where Backstrum and Jack Parke took command early and never let up. Kuba took 6th, a big improvement from last year. Unseeded Mikko had to start on the back row but moved from 50th to top 15, to take 14th. Now he won't have to worry about seed times. Joe took it out hard in his first ever 5K and held on for a very respectable 7th place, while Tristan was 8th.

My race? After 4 hr waxing skis and then cheering the kids on, it was almost an after thought. The tracks were icing up so I put on a sticker, but that might have been too much. As soon as we skied out of the stadium the pelaton pulled away and skiers seeded behind me glided past. Nevertheless I had great kick on the ups and could gain a little ground there.

Took two untimely falls on the Lekisch Loop, the 2nd with just a couple Ks to go on on a very fast downhill turn. That was a scary, bad fall, and I lost 40 sec from the skier I was with! 30% back from the winners, and 12 to 13% back in my age group? Oy! The gap is only 20%

and maybe 5% in skate races.


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