Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Saved By Zero-not quite!

One of my favorite 80s tunes, from the Fixx.

We've had colder snaps in our (almost) 7 years here, but this has been the longest. Other than a brief two day warm up over the first weekend of December, it's been sub zero every day dince November 29, so that makes 30 of 32 days. Not just light deprivation (sub 4 hours of daylight for a month), I am a wee bit weary of making sure that I have every bit of gear ready, and dry, so that something doesn't freeze up while skiing or running.

Warm up expected this weekend, with temps into the 10s and 20s!!! Time to go run around in shorts and a t-shirt!

Meanwhile, trying (not successfully yet) to get somewhat psyched for tonight's 5K classic race, now postponed four times, at Birch Hill where the temps have warmed up to a crisp -3 F.

Ran 3.6 miles today over part of the Chena River Run course. Knee feels good, and I wonder what I can do off of a winter's training and maybe 30 miles a week of running by early May.


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