Friday, February 25, 2011

Dawn of a Blizzard: Frozen 30K Race Report

Here's more or less of a photo essay (5 pictures telling the story) from Sunday's Distance Series 30K (which ended up being 31.8K). All photos from Karl Kowalski ( Karl's an awesome photographer!

Start at -4 with new snow. 15 minutes before this tracks were groomed perfectly.

1.4 km, skiing along in 6th place but being stalked, by Dave Edic (skiing classic in black) and masked mystery man (turquoise). That's Peter Fix, but at the time I didn't know it, and I kept wondering, who IS that guy!?

Classic chase pack in pursuit. Maria Bray, Davya Flarharty (women's winner, skiing classic), Bad Bob Baker, and Greg Wisenhant). The race was freestyle (skating) but due to the cold and slow snow, many opted to ski classic.

4K, free from the chasers and in my own pursuit of 4th place, who was about 30 sec up. I caught and passed Max just before the lap at 15K. Finished 4th but it wasn't comfortable!

And you thought I was kidding about the duct tape! Mike Kowalksi here, wearing the latest style of duct tape as skin protector. Now with 3 patches frostbite of my own, I wish I had. Or maybe a beard like Bill Husaby (in the background).

I bonked moderately toward the end. It didn't get any warmer and the snow kept accumulating, 2" by the end (on the way to 18" by the next morning). Had to single pole (granny skate) up the big hill on White Bear, but fell flat on my face near the top after catching my pole with a ski. mmmmph! Slow slow time (2:02:43), but with a solid placing and 16% behind Tyson Flaharty, using the race as a tune up for the Birkie in Wisconsin--hey at 52 and coming off 1.5 years of injury I'll take it.


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