Friday, February 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Series Numbr 4: February 11, 2011

Fast and furious is the best way to describe the fourth of six 2010-11 Wednesday night cross country ski races at Birch Hill. The race was scheduled for classic, but due to three inches of new snow it became a freestyle race.

The biggest question was whether Tyson Flaharty, who's been on a local roll, could win the entire event by skiing classic.

Flaharty took and early lead and challenged the lead pack of Wayne Peppler, Jim Button, and Dave Arvey almost the entire way. But by the end, the faster skate techique of Peppler (15:04) and Button (15:19) prevailed ahead of Tyson (15:20), who finished ahead of Jim Button (15:23). Davya Flaharty was first woman in 16:55, 26 seconds ahead of Julia Pierson.

Back in the 2nd pack, I had warmed up on my Atomic RS 11s, with a mid-warmth grind, but these seemed slow, so I switched to the Atomic World Cups
with a cold grind and cold wax (same skis and wax that I used for Sunday's 10K), and those felt much better. I was in about 8th coming out of Roller Coasters (1K), and moved to 5th by the time we got off of the killer hill past the biathlon range. I had a good 6 seconds on Max, but he caught me at the base of White Bear, with about 1 km to go. I hung with him up the hill and on the switch backs, but had nothing left for a kick and finished 6th.

My lungs were burning and felt inflamed for the next day.

Still happy to get a "master's" win and to have kept the leaders in sight for the entire way.

1. Wayne Peppler 15:04

2. Dave Arvey 15:19

3. Tyson Flaharty 15:20 (classic)

4. Jim Button 15:23

5. Max Kaufman 15:53

6. Roger Sayre 15:59 *1st Master

7. Joel Buth 16:13

8. Dave Edic 16:35

9. Mike Hajdukovich 16:54

10. Davya Flaharty 16:55 *First Woman

11. Brad Marden 16:58

12. Peter Fix 16:59

13. Brian Finch 17:15

14. Julia Pierson 17:21

15. Owen Hanley 17:34 (classic)

16. Kent Slaughter 17:45

17. Ken Leary 17:57

18. Heidi Rader 19:25

19. Matt Stoller 19:57

20. Bob Baker 20:05 (classic)

21. Kari Lovett 20:08

22. Byron Broda 20:50


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