Monday, January 31, 2011

Best of Winter

The best part of winter is upon us! Weather-wise it's usually mid-February on, but January closed out quite pleasant with highs in the teens for the last few days--at least up on the hills.

The Besh Cup 3 and 4 trip was a success:

But the follow-up health report for the four kids we brought down was not good. One case of mono/strep throat; 2 colds (hopefully that's all); and one stomach bug. All four sat out on the final Town Series Race on Saturday. If I'd have known that I might have actually jumped in. No matter, hope to have a little fire burning for the 10K skate race next Sunday.

I did enter the Besh 4 10K skate race last Sunday. It was a scramble to get from the J2 race, add a quick layer of LF 3, and to the start line. I only brought my warm weather skis (usually 20s type snow), and won't make that mistake again. It was about 15 at race time and the snow was just kind of slow. Still a solid effort (30:40, and 3rd for M4 and M5 categories combined) and much better than the previous week's 10K classic.

This past week was a surprise volume week. I had been feeling ragged after the January Jaunt 20K the other week, and not recovered until a week ago Saturday/Sunday in Soldotna. Anyway, 12 hr, plus some upper body work will hopefully pay off for March Marathon Madness, planning on Tour of Anchorage 50K, Oosik Classic 42 or 40-something K, and Sonot 50K.


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