Monday, September 17, 2012

I Lied: Equinox Review and Other Tales

As of late last week I wasn't planning to be out on the course, but my son and one of  his friends were assigned course direction/traffic duties on Henderson Road and I didn't quite feel comfortable having a couple of 14 year olds out there on their own for a few hours. So I joined them. While, I'm really glad that I didn't do the race this year (no sense in compounding those foot issues), I was also happy to be out on the course for about 3 hours on Saturday morning, cheering people on.

The joke of the morning, however, which came from several runners, was "uhhh which way do we go?" About seven arrows were painted with blaze orange on the road before the turn, there were pie plates with arrows, and three of us with flags. So a bit of overkill. Nevertheless, with traffic coming up one way, weary runners heading the other, it's not a bad idea to have an extra hand to make sure things are going well.


In the past I've listed top masters results and times. Matias Saari bested his own 40+ age group record with a very good--exceptional actually--2:51:28. Saari three times now, Frank Bonzanich's heretofore legendary 2:58:01 in 1984, and Bob Murphy 2:58:30 in 1995 are the only three* masters runners to break 3:00 on the rugged course).

*I incorrectly reported yesterday that David Dyer was a masters (40+) but oops he's got a few years to go.

For the women Melissa Lewis posted a fine 3:26:58, which is a masters top 3 all time for women, and placed second overall.

Congrats to all the runners out there on Saturday. It was a good day for running.


Blogger Tom Ritchie said...

Enjoy reading your blog. I see that you said David Dyer is a master's runner? Is it 40 years old to be considered a Master or 35? I've seen it both ways. I'm 38 years old and I'm hoping I can hold on and run Boston in 2 years when I'm 40 and be competitive in the Masters's age group. Possibly Top 10. That's what I love about running. You can get older but stay competitive in your age group.

Tom Ritchie

3:00 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Tom, thanks for the note and you are correct, Dave is not yet 40.

Good race yourself. Is that your fastest now? Yes, you will have a good shot at sub 3 in two years.

8:54 AM  

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