Friday, July 13, 2012

Random Running-related Belly Aching

It's not that I've been here too long yet, but I'd definitely like to break away from the local running scene for some weekends. We have dozens of races to choose here, but really only a handful of good-decent ones. And even with those, we seem to be backsliding. I'm pretty much bagging the Flint Hills Series this time. I've never completed the entire series anyway, and running even six or seven out of eight kind of ties up your season. 

Run of the Valkyries is tomorrow and after some cajoling and inititiative from the running club/timers the course was accurately measured last year. However they had their pre-sign up more than two weeks ago and the price goes up what another $5 or $10. The opera club is only in it for the money, and it's been a second rate operation from the get go. The course is boring, they give out lousy awards and post race is long and also boring, they charge a lot, and I just don't feel like listening to the fat lady sing. It was much better as GCI 8K, put on by Jr. Nordics Comp Group (RIP).

Next week is the Gold Discovery Run, and I've been planning to do that this year but at $30 with that odd 16.3 or 16.5 mile distance and all that downhill pounding you have to ask to what end? It's scenic and the beer is good, but recovery is never fun. My plan was to just run at 7:00 pace for the hilly trail part and then on the screaming downhills go no faster than 6:15 to 6:20, but even with that I'd have sore quads for a week or 10 days, and for me the flat and fast Santa Claus half marathon two weeks hence is a much better race. In fact it's about my favorite local event.

So I'm thinking of doing the Bun on the Run 5K next week. Kevin, Chad, Ben et al. put on nice little events and fast 5K at Creamer's field seems kind of fun. Next month It's Santa Claus Half and I just signed up for AK Senior Games 10K, which will be on a Monday probably on the Chena River Run course.

I'm considering a fall marathon, and would prefer a flat-fast course but logistics are an issue with so much going on with the kid's running program, so Equinox is a 30-35% possibility. It is the 50th, and there is some sort of Sonot-Equinox combi award going on, and I'd be remiss if not lame if I'd let Bad Bob walk away with that! Thing is, my longest run in three years has been about 14 or 15 miles, and I'm just getting to that point now.

My final peeve is the Midnight Sun Run.  The ceramic plates from the MSR were about the only local awards worth keeping and displaying. This year they went with a little 3.5" by 3.5" embroidered patch. Lame.

Hey, other than it's all good. Running 50-55 miles a week, healthy, training the kids and they're just in great shape. Plus it's summer, the best time of year here. Can't beat that!


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Like I said, it's more about making a buck rather than putting on a quality event:

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