Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bun on the Run a good fun run

I'm not getting out much this year travel wise and have no definitive plans for races outside of the Interior. Just missed an opportunity to run the half marathon in Denali last weekend; we were there for a family camp trip and walk while the crew was setting up, but with a 3 PM start. We needed to get back to town by late  afternoon, and figured it would be too late. Maybe next year, and maybe for the better because both heels have been bothering me on and off recently.

Anyway, Bun on the Run is a resurrected 5K run at Creamer's field, now managed by Kevin Brinegar and friends. The only chances I get to place high or have a chance to win a race anymore are the little out of synch races, out of the local radar screen. Last year I went for an evening jog there, just when they were wrapping up, and thought that running the one race out of the year at Creamer's (a semi-urban wildlife/bird refuge on the outskirts of the city) would be fun. It was.

No splits, and the course wound around all over the place with lots of sharp turns and dips on the interpretive trails, mostly packed gravel and forest path, with stretch on squishy woodchips. Fortunately Kevin was there leading the way on his bicycle. Even though the course was flagged well, at times it would be hard to tell which way to go! I followed a local high school runner (scouting out for my son's team, haha) for almost half the race, testing here and there to see how much fight he had. Finally, at about 8 or 9 minutes I could sense a slight slackening of the pace so, knowing that he'd have a stronger kick at the finish, I put down what I had for another mile, trying to surge around corners to get out of sight. I slacked a little with about 600 meters to go for about a minute or so before kicking it in, otherwise it was a good 5K effort. 18:00, about 24 seconds ahead. (the paper said, I "edged" him). Guess I should have put just a wee bit more of a strong finish to break 18.

However, no matter how small or low key, a race is a race and a win is a win.

Thanks to Kevin, Ben, Liz, Chad and all for being out there and putting this on. And for a good cause, Solaid, a non-profit to help people in Cambodia.


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