Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Inner Equinox Nazi: No Equinox for Me!

First, for a little humor we have to pay homage to a Seinfeld classic, the Soup Nazi!

Indeed though, for a number of reasons I'm altogether avoiding the Equinox running extravaganza this year. I've been involved as a runner six times (three marathons and three relays) and it's been good, and the years that I haven't run I've been involved by running an aid station (2005) and road crossing (2010). That's a pretty good streak and in the 9th year, I shall rest, or rake leaves, or do something else. I'll read about it in the paper.

No Equinox for me!

No doubt, the Equinox Is a religion in this community and being that this is the 50th edition, the fervor is particularly high. In a lot of regards, I'm just not a joiner. I'll be back in the relay or perhaps the open someday, just not this year.

I am a little peeved at the schedule change. I set our nascent XC race series way back last October so as not to conflict with the Equinox and to maximize particpation. Then last summer, out of the blue AND decided unilateraly  I hear, they moved the marathon up a week, just three days after the 8K race at UAF. Nothing like getting your toes stepped on by the 0.01%. Thumbs down to that!

Perhaps next year, but I'd really like to take on a flat (or relatively flat) fast marathon course first. That is even if I can bump up training to a repectable level to justify lining up.

Finally, best of luck and best running to everyone out there this weekend!


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