Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hobbled but not broken: an (unfocused) integrated recovery

This thing in my foot/heel be it plantar fasciitis or a ligament tear is not going away easily. This is the eigth week following the Santa Claus Half Marathon that I've been trying to fend off the foot pain. I'd really like to be running. Now. This week is probably the best it's been but that's because I've only run once in the past ten days. I've tried running every other day, taking three days off, and up to five or six. It can feel good and ready but as soon as I run it sets me back another three to five days. So the smart thing to do might be to just to treat it like a stress fracture and wait it out without running for several weeks.

Meanwhile, I've been keeping up the rehab. I tried icing for a few weeks and that brought tempory relief and seems to up the healing process. But sticking the foot in a bucket gets old and it's cold! I've employed a variety of excercises and stretches, which also alleviate the pain. Used anti-inflammatories as needed, but haven't had the consistency to try the seven to ten day regimen at a higher dose. Taping has also helped, perhaps more than anything. Still, though, I wake up and the foot hurts for about the first five minutes of walking around. And that's going to have to be my que. When it stops hurting in those early steps of the day, maybe then I will be able to return to some light running.

Bummer, I wanted to do some XC racing this fall and with just a couple weeks to go now that's not going to be possible. Fortunately I have a busy schedule with coaching and putting on the little XC races that I'm not missing the racing too much.

Finally, I've been cross training just enough to maintain fitness. About an hour or so a day of cycling alternating with roller skiing. Should be more dedicated to the weights, with ski season coming up--maybe in just a matter of weeks!


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