Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Step Aside

I thought I'd avoid the spring funk this year--mostly by just thinking about running more--plus being fairly dilligent about getting in at least two or three runs a week through the winter (other than the marathon taper weeks, which were just singles), but that's not the case. As a result, I decided not to do the increasingly popular Beat Beethoven 5K this weekend. It's too early and as of yesterday and last weekend I simply don't feel ready to take on a good effort for 5K. In fact, I'm not even ready for a 20 min sustained tempo run.

I got in about 26 miles the week following the Sonot and 33 last week, so off to a good start but I don't "feel like a runner" yet. Just your average middle aged plodder-jogger here. So plan B is do that tempo this weekend, keep consistent with adding miles, and plan on making the Chena River Run as the season's official debut. I may try a 3K or 2 mile time trial in the next week or two as a sharpener. When I line up an compete I want to be ready.

This is repetitive but I do find it weird here that all the decent road races locally, with the exception of Santa Claus Half Marathon in August, are scheduled very very early in the season. April, May, June, and the 4th of July race. Then it's trail-Equinox fever, and then the running year is over.


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