Friday, March 23, 2012

About had enough of this loathsome winter

The vernal equinox sort of slid by unnoticed a few days ago mainly because it's so cold out that you don't even want to go outside and enjoy the extra sunlight. Right now it's about -8F; supposedly it's going to get warmer this evening and tomorrow with a few inches of snow just for the Sonot.

How about warmer with no snow to make for some fast glide? We can only hope. As long as they groom the course after it snows, even if they are only an hour ahead of us with one pass, it would help.

Who can forget Sonot 2007, when it was sub zero with 3 inches of overnight snowfall. There was no grooming and it was the slowest day evah! In 2009, with the whole thing at Birch, it was also cold but they did groom. To tell the truth anything below zero for 50K is pretty miserable.

As long as it's 10s and 20s and snowfall is less than 3" we should be fine.

Overall I'm not as excited about the Sonot as in previous years. Just another box to check off this time and then let's get on with spring. Once I'm out there on the river and on the Birch Hill trails I hope that it will be fun. Looking forward to skiing the new connector instead of the ski slope. That was always a ticket to oxygen debt and early bonk. Last year's climb was particularly tough but you know at the same time I didn't bonk either.

With running marathons they say the race doesn't start until 20 miles. The Sonot doesn't really begin until 25 to 30K, where you either have to move up or hold on, while keeping that last 10K in mind. You also don't want to bonk out on the river with 8 or 9K to go.

Usually I keep skiing 4 or 5 times a week until the final days of snow cover here, and slowly-agonizingly-reluctantly waddling around with running for about a month before letting go of the skis and giving in to running. This year is different, I've been looking forward to the end of winter for a long-long time. Next week and herein until melt off I'll be skiing no more than twice a week and running 4 or 5 times. I'll start out slow. Thinking of Tok Trot. Way too few 10Ks around here and that's a rare opportunity for a fast certified course.


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