Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sonot Age Group Performances

There are no charts for age grading with Nordic skiing, as far I know, although there is some interesting data out there on swimming and running which could be extrapolated to skiing. But we're not going to go there.

Nevertheless, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge many outstanding age group performances from Saturday's Sonot Kkaazoot 50K and 20K races.

In the 50K Older Junior (OJ) boys Logan Hanneman (2:41:36) and Kenny Brewer (2:44:26) skied to 4th and 7th overall. West Valley/FXC's 17 year old Bobby Signor skied 2:54:41 in his 50K debut. Randy Bladel (M6, age 55-59) all the way from South Bend, Indiana skied to a 2:58:27 and 19th place. While Sam Flora (M9, age 70-74) skied a very fine 3:34:31.

The 20K was dominated by 14 year old Max in 52:29 and brother Ty a J4 (age 10-11) skied 1:02:29. Among men M3 (age 40-44) Max Kaufman was 2nd in 53:26 and M4 (age 45-49) Jim Button was 3rd in 54:03. Chris Broda (M6, age 55-59) was 3rd overall for women in 1:09:11 and J3 (age 12-13) skier Jenna Difolco was 5th overall in 1:10:31.


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