Friday, May 27, 2011

If I coached the way I trained...

...I'd probably be fired. I never write up my own training schedule ahead of time, it's all in my head more or less based on what I did last week and think that I might need in the coming week. These days I'm even less inclined to think more than a few days (or hours) ahead. I've been just getting out there and running--or not--and effort is based on how I feel on a given day.

For people that I coach I usually send out 3 week schedules, and if the schedule doesn't arrive within about 2 days before the first day my clients get kind of antsy. Sorry guys.

Here, the 11 miles at Murphy Dome Roam (equaling the longest run of the year) the other week off an average of 35 miles/week resulted in a longer than normal recovery. Last week I just jogged most of the time (41 miles whoo!). On Friday I decided to do a 30 min "tempo" (at slower than half marathon pace) at the UAF trails but by 20 min I could could feel my legs tightening up so I quit at 24.

Other than that over the past two weeks I've only run easy, other than another impromptu session at UAF on Tuesday when I did some half baked/half planned surges after a 35 or 40 min warm up. I just ran as hard as I felt (which wasn't too hard, maybe 10K effort) until I got tired or bored (which was about 3 min), and then jogged until feeling recovered (about 2 minutes). I can't remember if I did 4 or 5 reps, but stopped when I didn't feel like doing any more.

Wednesday was an easy run, only 30 min to chill in the 80 degree heat before the youth meet. Thursday was a bike commute (about 10 miles each way, including Summit Hill/a tough one), and today I'm planning on some threshold type reps (maybe 3 X 6 or 7 min on the turf over at West Valley. Trail run Saturday, and long run on Sunday.

So it's more or less training by default, sort of slackerish and going day by day depending on how I feel. In the past I've always gotten hyped up for track 5000 on the first week of June. I still might try one, but it'll be more of a time trial.


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