Monday, May 16, 2011

P'nked at the Roam

I can't believe it. I just wrote up a long report and some analysis of the Murphy Dome Roam and it went zap on me!

Just the facts:
An ignominious 7th place in 1:14:38. After the first half mile I ran the entire way by myself. This was the first time I actually "raced" it (the two previous efforts were pace runs/workouts).

The 3 mile hill climb was much tougher than I'd planned for (25:58, avg heart rate was 162), while the 8 mile descent was not the cruise I'd expected (48:40, avg heart rate ~157).

The good news is that despite having sore quads today my knee is fine.

Thanks to Jane Lanford for putting this race on. It's a tough fun run.


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