Monday, May 09, 2011

Chena River Run Age Group Leaders

Here are age group leaders for the Chena River Run, which was held on May 7 here in Fairbanks.

Like last year, I'll post up the age-graded results (percentiles, but not age graded times) from races of the local Running Club North's Flint Hills Series. The races I hope to list this year include Chena River Run, Midnight Sun Run 10K, Flint Hills Mile, Run of the Valkyries (if they have an accurate course this year), Santa Claus Half Marathon, and Equinox Marathon.

Wow! Not only did we have some very good age graded performances this year, but Dorli McWayne just knocked it out of the park with a 92.36 with her 20:26. Anything above 90 is considered world class. That was an awesome run!

In the men's division it was nice to see a challenge (age group as well as in the race) from Bill Perry of Whitehorse, Yukon. He's father of graduating UAF skier John Perry. I had a brief chance to chat with him right after the race. Also great to see Chad Caroll running as a masters and Matias Saari made it back here to run in a 5K road race no less.

Using the World Masters Association age graded calculator: I don't have everyone date of birth, so will just go with year of birth (YOB) for age, so for example, there might be some 51 year olds who are actually 50 at the time of the race.

Go ahead and check the calculator for you and your runner friends. If I left you or anyone off the list let me know and I can fix it.

Melissa Lewis.. [1970] 20:07.8 (74.51)
Dorli McWayne.. [1952] 20:26.8 (92.36)
Jane Lanford... [1955] 21:38.6 (83.68)
Erika VanFlein. [1959] 23:36.6 (72.65)
Deena Doublex.. [1950] 25:20.7 (76.74)


Chad Carrol.... [1971] 16:43.7 (79.80)
Matias Saari... [1970] 16:51.5 (79.79)
Roger Sayre.... [1958] 17:42.2 (83.41)
Mark Lindberg.. [1963] 17:51.8 (79.52)
Bill Parry......[1955] 18:11.2 (83.34)


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