Friday, November 20, 2009

When Injury Sets In

It's not so much that my identity is wrapped up in running and skiing, it's more like being.

Injuries are never much fun, although this week the reality is setting in. I was hoping that two weeks of recovery would heal the knee, but now nearly three weeks post NYC debacle it looks like recovery is going to be a haul, one that is going to take medical intervention. I made an appointment last Monday and will see a specialist next Tuesday.

This seems to be more than ITB inflammation--it's not healing has become more unstable. This is in spite of weeks of icing, anti-inflammatories, rest, and some strengthening exercises.

Coaching is a good thing, but now more so than ever.


Blogger Jim said...

Sorry to hear how stubborn this injury has been. It's good that you've got coaching (and kids!) to keep you outdoors and part of the scene. Good luck with that, and some cross-training, Roger.
And Happy Thanksgiving!

- Jim "Grambo" Graham

7:41 AM  
Blogger Samantha Wuttig said...

Hey Roger,
If you need a second option, try Indomethacin. It fixed my popliteal ligament inflation after 18-24 months, which Keller thought was my IT band.

In a second knee injury/ligament inflamation, I visited Wade and he misdiagnosed me as well.

I had good luck with Webber. He prescribed me Indomethacin because I had success with it the first time, and cleared it once again. My knee problems haven't recurred since I started skiing.

Good luck, Klaus

10:34 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Thanks Klaus. We'll see what the MRI says and see how the next month or so of treatment-recovery goes. If things don't start improving I'll also look into the options you have given. Very interesting.

3:36 PM  

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