Monday, September 21, 2009

Fearful Followup to Equinox Predictions

Time to wrap up and pack away this Equinox obsession for 2009, but before that we have to check at how your [not] so great prognosticator fared (followed later today by a list of 10 great things about Equinox and 10 things that may, may not, or could be improved).

Men’s race: Hey, I called Win, Place, and Show and was less than a minute off for the winning time. And as I figured, Saari would strike right when the others were hurting most. Congrats Matias! Was a little off on the times for first times Stian Stensland and Tom Ritchie, but who’s counting?

I rock!

Maybe for a prize they’ll give me 6 minutes of air time on the Hawk Shop before next year’s race and I could slum around with that dude and jabber about the upcoming predictions; maybe sell some memorabilia like old socks, or a Gu and spittle stained marathon bib.

Masters men: Looks like Kramer just ran out of gas, but 4th overall and a 3:07 isn’t bad either. Brinegar opted to focus on NYC Marathon, and Lindberg was too jet lagged after returning from Europe less than 40 hours prior to the start of the race. Jim Madonna was the age grouper of the day, running 4:27:50, a new record for the 70-74 class.

Women’s race: Laura Brosius did win and she was several minutes up on first timer Charity Walker, but times were significantly slower than predicted. Nordic skier Melissa Lewis did a more than credible job in a sport in which I had hardly ever seen her participate. The News-Miner did a nice summary of the trials from the women’s race. To be ready for the Equinox you have to train through the summer without much down time, you have to be healthy on race day/race week, and feeling good on the climb and out back is not enough—actually it’s too much. You have to be dialed back a notch from feeling good, and then save it for beyond the chute.

Masters women: Boy did I blow that, but it’s also great to see several Anchorage runners (Amanda Copus, Amy Dalton, and Amy Johns) making the trip and taking the podium spots—just for the sake of competition. So next year, the Fairbanks women will need to step it up. Also, Mary Barrett of Palmer set a new 55-59 age class record and it’s a good one at 3:56.50.


Blogger Tom Ritchie said...

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12:22 PM  
Blogger Tom Ritchie said...


I enjoy reading your blog.

I see I was way off of your prediction though. I was actually shooting for a sub 3hr. this year. I am happy with my results though even though I didn't reach my goal. I believe I ran a smart race, I just had no idea what the out and back was going to look like and I wasn't very prepared for that. Actually, I was shocked when I saw the difficulty of it.

The Equinox is a great race! I feel motivated to give it a shot next year. I think I have a 2:55 in me for next year.

Great running community up their in Fairbanks too.

Nice relay time too! That record has to get beaten soon. You wouldn't think an individual would still have the record over a relay team.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Roger said...

Tom, Good job out there. Equinox is a technique race (kind of like the steeplechase but with a mountain and trails instead of barriers and a water jump). I think Matias's best through age 33 or 34 was 3:07. You certainly have a low 2:50s in you.

For the relay, it will take three runners with average 10K of about 33 min, including some decent hill climbing/trail running skills, to break 2:41.

8:52 AM  

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