Monday, August 17, 2009

Santa Claus Half

The effort was worth at least at least a blip on the radar, 1:18:52 for 4th at the Santa Claus half marthon, but only after lamenting the slow times of the day ( and just for getting outkicked by a younger runner (News-Miner).

Actually it should be noted that among men, three of the top six times (at least since 1997) for the 40+ runners were recorded, and Kramer's 1:17:25 and Brinegar's 1:17:30 are the two best. The 50+ record was also shattered, but we won't go there.

Face it, a 50+ Cheechako/Carpetbagger just doesn’t rate much around here. And like I said earlier in the summer, it’ll take a top 3 overall at Equinox or a win at Midnight Sun Run, and we know that isn’t going to happen.

2:40 at Boston anyone? Well, I am running NYC Marathon this fall, but a 2:40? See above.

To heck with doing anything worthy of note on the local scene, I’ll just keep putting my head down and aim to compete at a top 10 level in the USA for my age group while going for local/state records every time out.

Nevertheless, the result at Santa Claus was a surprise. After a stellar May/June I was feeling off through July and the week leading up to the half. I was hoping for 6:08 pace (1:20:30) and to squeak into the top 5. Despite the fog and humidity, the footing was mostly good and 50s temps perfect, so we just clicked off 6:00 min miles, and then really hammered it home over the last 5K, averaging 5:50.

Werner is a good runner and ran 4:27 for 1600 last spring and I knew I’d have to shake him in the middle miles, but that didn’t work out. With each passing mile my chances for ending the race well (i.e., in 3rd) diminished exponentially.

And so I’m relegated the old guy who got outkicked for a podium finish.


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