Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midnight Sun Run 11th Hour Preview

The Newsminer had preview article this morning--

They got the basics pretty well but you'll see some of the rest of the story here.

With David Dyer out, local high school graduate and Western Washington All American runner Tony Tomsich sure does appear to be the favorite, coming off of a 3:47 for 1500m last month (equivalent to a 4:05 mile). But don't count out Stian Stensland, who ran an under the radar (and ignored by the paper 15:58) at the all comer's track meet last week. Nobody in this town has broken 16 minutes locally since I moved here in 2004. Tomsisch should be able to go sub 32:30 and for the win, but if he's not up to it, Stensland will challenge.

Win - Tomsich - 32:06
Place - Stensland - 32:51
Show - Kramer - 33:19

The paper picks Tom Ritchie to be in the mix too. With a 2:37 at Boston this spring, you betcha! He'll be right in there.

This will be an interesting match up, but the status of the three favorites, Crystal Pitney, Maggie Callahan, and Molly Yazwinski has been up in the air all week. Last year Pitney and Callahan waged a good battle until the final mile, when Pitney pulled away for a fourth consecutive victory. However, she has not raced since October, after taking an injury red shirt this past spring. Meanwhile, Callahan had a stellar sophomore season at Arizona, capped off with an PAC 10 finish and a PR of 10:30 in the 3000 meter steeplechase. If she's rested and ready, watch out tonight! We could see a sub 37.

Win - Callahan - 37:15
Place - Pitney - 37:45
Show - Yazwinski - 38:45

Also, Laura Brosius has been running well and if she lines up would certainly be capable of a sub 40. Pencil her in for 39:30.

Bob Murphy holds the all time masters record with a 32:26, set in 1993, and from the archives that I've checked so far (all years excepting 1986-91), he's the only masters runner to break 34. The 32:26 should be safe but former winners Mike Kramer and Kevin Brinegar have run well this spring. Also 46 year old Mark Lindberg, who has never run a serious 10K, is stepping down after an impressive string of marathons over the past two years.

Win - Kramer - 33:19
Place - Brinegar - 33:40
Show - Lindberg - 34:05

For the 50+, the fastest time I've seen in the archives is 37:17. [other than hoping to finish in the top 10 for a 5th time I'm not talking].

There have been some very fast masters women At Midnight Sun, Sue Faulkner ran a sub 37 one year, but that division has not been as strong in recent years. The 55+ women Jane Lanford and Dorli McWayne should win the masters division and place in the top 10. Lanford is running Mayor's Marathon this morning, but as an Ironlady she'll still probably run in the mid/high 40s.

Now let's see if a ringer shows up. I hope so.


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