Friday, May 29, 2009

The Road Ahead

Two 5Ks down, one to go (next week on the track).

Meanwhile, I've been drafted by my friend Mark to run the "Two Way Torture Test" this weekend. The Torture test is a team 1/2 marathon, where one runner does a course that wraps around Chena Ridge clockwise and the other goes counter-clockwise. This should be a fun and unique event, I always like team races.

About that ridge, the course climbs about 600 feet, roughly half way through. Mark has said that I get my choice of which direction. I've decided to take it the hard way, which I hope will be easier on my legs.

It will roughly be about 1.5 miles of flat, a 4 mile climb, 2 miles of rolling-fairly flat on the ridge top, 2 miles of descent (6-8%), and 3.5 of flat. As long as I don't hammer the down, my legs should hold up pretty well, so the plan is to do the flats-rolling at marathon pace (6:30), uphills at 1/2 marathon pace (who knows, but the effort will be low 6s), and then do the downhill gingerly 6:40 to 7:00.

As a result I'll be 4-5 minutes slower than 1/2 marathon race pace but will get a good aerobic workout, not unlike a Daniels marathon training run. Hoping that won't dim our chances in the standings too much.

If things are good, then I'll do 5000 (go for under 17) next Thursday, or the 3000 (sub 10) if no one shows up. After that, I'd like to do a 1500/800 the following Thursday.

Then on June 20, the Midnight Sun Run. The Sun Run has been my focus race in years past (2004-07), but this year it's just another run on the summer calandar. Sub 35:30 would be decent, but who knows it could be anywhere from mid 36s to low 35s.

After that things are really open ended for July, other than a cutback week over the 4th while we go on a river trip. I've done Gold Discovery 4 of the past 5 years, but that one is a little insane. Fun while you're doing it, but with an 1800 foot descent it beats your legs up for a minimum of two weeks.

Besides, I'm still in the quantitative mode this year (looking to set some age group PRs, maybe records) and USATF track state championship is at about the same time in Anchorage. I'd really like to run a track 10000 m, but don't think that's on the schedule.

After that it's 50-50 on Equinox full marathon. The relay is calling! And the New York City Marathon will be waiting.


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