Thursday, May 07, 2009

On the race circuit again

The Water Run was my consolation race, after missing the Chena River Run due to last week's flu bug. This week it's been allergies and hay fever. I wore a breathe strip this time. Who knows if it helped at all.

Anyway, I do like this out and back course, although the back part is crazy because you're going upstream, opposite hundreds of the walkers who are not paying attention, as well as people with dogs and baby joggers. I never had to stop but did have to stutter and dodge more than a few times, and just about got tripped up by a dog on a leash.

I've heard horror stories of runners colliding with children and then getting harrangued by angry moms. Luckily I avoided that.

The course was 50-60 meters longer than in years past. Did a 17:39, which was 9 sec faster than 2007, which was on the shorter course. So a decent start and about where I expected.

A little postscript addition (May 11, 2009)
In comparison to previous years since my comeback, this 5K debut was in the same range. Now that's consistency (just a little insider joke that I might just write about some day). The better news is that in each of those years, and before, I've been able to improve on those early season times by 20 to 45 seconds.

2004 - 17:37
2005 - 17:50
2006 - 17:38
2007 - 17:48
2008 - 17:27


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