Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ack blew that!

Every year that I've been here, the first of the all comer track meets has been on the first Thursday of June. That's 5 years. Well they changed it to June 11. That means no meet this week and no 3000/5000. Arrrggh! I could have run a lot faster last Saturday with plenty of time to recover for other races.

Meanwhile, no one else seems interested. Like, who wants to run with an old guy?

I'm thinking of dragging my kid out to video a 3000 time trial where I could go for a non-existent unofficial Alaska state record for 50+ runners. Maybe try for sub 10. Perhaps intersperse some winter scenes, polar bears, shake the camera to emulate an earthquake. Then I could be like Trevor Dunbar and put it on Youtube and become an instant masters sensation.

Tamara totally rolled her eyes at this suggestion and now wants to disown me.


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