Monday, February 12, 2007

Training Week February 5 - 11

The goal for this week was to get one last push at volume and pace, while not over doing it for the upcoming stretch of marathon training. I had planned to train each day this week and to get to about 10 hr, but was quite tired on Thursday, so took the day off.

So I'll be heading into the three marathons feeling very fit. I didn't quite get the higher volume (several 10 - 12 hr weeks) this year, but was extremely consistent at 8 or 9 hr/week for most of the past two or three months. Feel fit, healthy, and just want to have some fun out there anyway.

Monday 1 hr ski, classic (very easy)

Tuesday - 1 hr ski, skating, including 8-10 bursts of 15 - 20 seconds for acceleration; include double pole up White Bear hill (big climb)

Wednesday - 2:00 ski, skating, with 1:10 at 30-50k pace (~3.5 min/km), snow was a little slow and it was very windy

Thursday - rest

Friday - easy ski 50 min, classic

Saturday - 5 min warmup; 9k snowshoe race, with 3k laps of 15:40, 15:10, and 14:57, plus start and finish for final time of 46:47, for 1st OA (that's two wins in a row for snowshoe racing--the last one was in 2005--ought to quit while on a streak); 10 min cool down. That was tiring! Coolest part of the day, the family did the 3k portion and came in 1,2,4!

Sunday - 2.5 hr ski (skating) at UAF. Easy effort for about 1:50 to 2:00, then we pushed moderate to hard for about 30 min. Jammed my elbow twice, so I'll skip skiing today. Went for family ski in the afternoon, where we did 10k classic on White Bear Loop. That's the longest the kids have skied at one time and it's a very tough loop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, and instructive, to see how you mix up the training days, both over several weeks and as races approach. Looks like a good variety -- and it's nice to see how serious/faster racers plug some easier and shorter days into the mix.
Congrats on the snowshoe race. Onto the marathons!

6:41 AM  

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