Monday, January 15, 2007

Training Week January 8 - 14

Monday – exercise bike for 50 min, variable pace (-30 outside)

Tuesday – ski 40 min classic, very slow but did some (maybe 6) pickups (-25 F)

Wednesday – ski 1:20, classic, including 2 X 5 min, 1 X 2:30, 2 X 5 min intervals at 5k – 10k effort, with 2:00 recovery.

Thursday – 1:50 ski, mostly easy. Double polled all the way up White Bear monster hill.

Friday – ski easy 1:00, classic

Saturday – Warmup, intermittent, probably 3-4 km total; 10k race, classic technique. 33:26, 4th overall. Good effort, perhaps skied km 3-6 a little too fast to make up stagger, and then was somewhat tied up at the end. Had a solid finish kick for first time this season! Cool down 5km

1:20 total

Sunday – Original plan for a 3 hr ski, preferably skating, but to maintain family harmony, I needed to postpone. Result was rather weird training day, but a good day nonetheless.

AM Ran 3+ miles easy (30 min)

PM, ski with family for 5k, intermittent; later ran 4 miles with high school runner to work on pacing/effort perception and then skied for 30 min.
1:30 for the day

8:30 for the week


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