Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Training Week January 29 - Feb 4

After feeling excessively tired at the end of last week, I took it a little easier this week. No anaerobic training, no races, and an extra day off. By the end I still got some decent hours in, so it was still a good pre-taper week.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - Easy 50 min, classic

Wednesday - Ski 1:50, freestyle, include 10k and 7k at 30k effort.

Thursday - Easy 40 min run; 30 min skate PM

Friday - Easy 50 minutes, classic

Saturday - Easy 3 mile run AM. In the afternoon I did Mug Cup #2 on the Tanana River, trying to keep up with mushers and skijourers. Approximately 10k at lactate threshold effort (28:03), with warmp and cool down. I think it was the 4th fastest out of 22. The race was good alternative to the scene at Birch Hill. Those races are well and good, but I wasn't up for it this week. We really need more low key events here, like our Distance Series or the Oosik Classic.

Sunday - 2:50 ski at UAF, including about 40 min at marathon pace effort. Things went fine until I took an awkward fall on Smith Lake at about 2:30. Felt like my knee went numb and I could no longer ride a flat ski so I cut the workout short about 10 minutes. It hasn't bothered me since.

Total: 8:20


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