Sunday, January 21, 2007

Training Week Jan 15 - 21

Monday - 3:00 hour ski, skate technique, with miserably slow snow. It was about 0, and we had 3" to 4" of new snow. I was bonking by 90 minutes but just muddled through

Tuesday - Easy 45 min, classic. Ski 20 min without poles

Wednesday - 20 min warmup (skate), then a set of long intervals of 8:00, 9:00, 4:00, 8:00, with 2 min recovery, then a cool down. 1:15 for the day.

Thursday - Easy effort classic ski, 1:50, include 2 X large hill (5:00) double pole; also included some pickups

Friday - Run easy, 30 min

Saturday - Very easy classic ski, about 12km 1 hour. Conditions perfect!

Sunday - Race 20 km, classic. Ugg. Great snow, perfect temperatures, tough day. Skis were not fast, and I was anaerobic by 4k, just hanging on through 10. Moved up some, from 7th place to 5th (2nd masters) and stayed there. ~1:11:20. A for effort (2nd lap was slower but in better control than first), B for tactics (pushed too hard for those first 4k, just keeping up with the Jones'), B for waxing, C for concentration (2 stupid falls).
Ski time 1:30 for the day.

9:50 for the week. Highest for the season. Plan for another 10 hour week next week and then we'll see if I need a cutback or to press on for one more big week before marathon taper.


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