Monday, May 26, 2014

No backsliding at the Glacier Half

I went in to The Trent/Waldron Glacier Half not quite knowing my fitness. The 17:55 Chena River Run earlier this month didn’t indicate great shape, but have felt better over the past 10 days.

Goal time self bargaining began at 1:21 and if everything went well, hopefully a sub 1:20, with the plan of 6:15-20 pace on the way out (200 ft elevation gain) and low or sub 6s on the way back. I guess it went well.

We had a nice cool morning, with a taste of Kenai fire in the air. And while I might have gone out a bit easier and not run quite as fast on mile 5, Saturday’s effort was about as fast as I could go.

Here are my splits (with some rounding errors):

6:03 – chatting and settling in (4th place)
12:21 (6:18) – hang back a bit, 13.1 is a long ways!
18:38 (6:16) – break away from two runners
24:54 (6:16) – some hill climbs and one runner in sight (15 sec up)
31:10 (6:15) – 5 miles
37:05 (5:55) – flat mile, pushed it too much? (move into 3rd place)
43:09 (6:09) – decent hill over the foot bridge
49:19 (6:00) – mental math says stay under 6:00 pace to break 1:20
55:16 (6:01) – feeling it
1:01:12 (5:56) – 10 miles, wishing that was the finish! TG for downhills
1:07:08 (5:55) – passed by 20 something dude who was running 5:40 pace
1:13:05 (5:56) – legs and cognitive function failing
1:19:03 (5:58) – barely hanging
1:19:38 (34.8) – you call that a sprint!? (got ‘outkicked’ to the line by two women who had started an hour earlier)

Age grade 88.6%, which is close to my all time best, I think last year’s Independence Day 5K at 88.9% was the only one higher. The half marathon is forgiving, which is why everyone over about the age of 30 loves the event. But because of that it’s one of the tougher ones to break a 90%. I would need to run 1:18:24 this year to get a 90.

Speaking of age grading they actually rank the results.Turns out though the 2nd place guy was 55! Woah! He dropped almost 3 minutes off his time here from 2012, and 5 minutes faster than 2007. You’re supposed to get slower with age! Anyway, 1:16:53 is for 55 is way fast (age grade 90.96). Only a handful in this country can go faster than that. So I got 4th overall and 2nd in age grade rankings. A fun day, and something to work on for this year and the future.


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