Wednesday, April 02, 2014


I'm not really taking any time off in the transition from skiing to running, but not going to jump into races right away either. Last year I did three early 5Ks, but started a week earlier and didn't do the Sonot so there was less need for recovery. This spring I'll take my time and skip the Spring Fling and Beat Beethoven and just wait until the Chena River Run to break out. Hopefully it will be warmer! I think temps were 10, 15, and 22F for those three races!

Meanwhile, I'll just jog for another week or ten days, think about getting some new shoes, and look forward to enjoying some warmer running elsewhere (snow free) for a few days this month. I've got some ambitious goals this year, and contrary to the popular approach these days any potential marathons are secondary. I really want to nail the mile, 5K-10K, and XC this year.


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