Monday, May 05, 2014

Chena River Run 2014 Age Grade Rankings

Here is the age grade honor roll for men and women at this year’s Chena River Run.

Dorli McWayne continues to dominate, and she’s usually good for high 80s or low 90s. Erika VanFlein has been a regular on the list for the past several years. And this time the sister duo of Sharon Baker and Donna Difolco made the grade. Congrats women!

I’m still hoping for that elusive 90, but that won’t happen at this race. It will have to be at a faster course later in the year. Dan Bishop has made a huge leap in fitness this year, improving 2 minutes from 2013, to score a 76.47. Way to run Dan! Ed Debevec, Dave Whitoff, and Bob Baker scored well in the typically competitive 55-59 class, while Larry Hall ran to a solid 72:55 as a 65 year old.

In age grading a 70 is considered regional class, 80 national class, and 90 world class. It’s a good motivator for masters runners.

89.33--Dorli McWayne 21:43 (59)
77.86--Erika VanFlein 22:53 (52)
72.83--Sharon Baker 24:32 (55)
71.79--Donna Difolco 23:21 (50)

86.49--Roger Sayre 17:55 (56)
76.47--Dan Bishop 19:37 (52)
74.53--Ed Debevec 21:20 (59)
73.83--Dave Whitoff 21:10 (57)
73.73--Bob Baker 21:01 (56)
72.55--Larry Hall 23:07 (65)


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