Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Fun Run - Chilly But Still Fun

I thought about wearing a costume for the Halloween fun run on Saturday but that meant digging through boxes to find one. Instead I was among the 15 or so of about 50 participants there that got assessed a 2 min delayed start for no costume. No biggie, I just wanted a good sustained workout.

It was a chilly morning at 15 F, but the roads were dry. Took it out pretty moderate at 6:30 and then 6:22 for the first two miles, and then picked up the effort. I had Erich a high school skier from here to pace with for 3 miles before he turned around for the 6 mile. After that it was solo. It was hard work over Gold Hill but I managed to cruise the last 4 miles at sub 6 per pace to finish in 1:01:52. Other than a developing blister on the back of my heel, I felt pretty good although not quite as spry as mid-summer. I had to alter my gait a little, by pushing off my forefoot, to relieve the pressure on the heel and that helped some.

Fun day, and happy to run a decent pace for transition season and to get a good workout. Thanks to Jane and Ken for putting this event on. I haven't been able to run this one since 2006 or so.


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