Sunday, September 15, 2013

XC Series 2: Delta Junction 5K

Well the race went off smoothly. That is after a 2 hr drive to Delta, and then coaching/timing the high school racers (6 races in all), including a series of half mile to 1 KM intervals and a 3 mile walk over the course.

We had nine racers this time, showing a growth trend of about 30% per year. Next year I'll actually advertise in Delta, and should do more here. A little road trip here and there is a lot of fun, and I think the Delta course is the most fun of the entire series. Certainly the fastest. Through aspens on a 4 wheel drive trail, mostly flat with one substantial down and up (about 30-40 sec each) other than that flat/rolling. Next year's goal is to get 20 runners to line up.

Although there were no flag mishaps, someone stole our cookies and snack bars while the races were being run! Not kidding. After starting the racers we set out the food on a table, but not 10 minutes later the table had been picked clean. Not just eating all the goodies, but taking the boxes too. Weird.

Thanks to the Mike Pelto and the Delta crew for setting up the course and putting on the high school races. A community 5K is a good fit following that.

Here are the results. This year the race was closer than it has been, with four runners in the 20 min range. Former Delta Junction Runner Garrett St. Peter threw in a mid race surge to finish 13 seconds ahead of Cameron Bryant. Sara Gordee won the women's race by almost 3 minutes.

1. Garrett St. Peter 20:04
2. Cameron Bryant 20:17
3. Brian Aillaud 20:43
4. Mike Pelto 20:56
5. Sarah Gordee 23:32
6. Whit Aillaud 24:18
7. Ellen Clark 27:28
8. Jay St. Peter 28:45
9. Liz Cogen 30:10