Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Big Day at JNs!

After a long week of racing, Tristan lined up with the 9th seed for Saturday's 5K mass start classic race. For me those are harrowing, but he took it with his typical understated aplomb. Other than going over the course on Friday the only advice I could give was to keep doing what you're doing.

The start was pretty frantic and fast, and  was concerned that he would be swallowed up by the pack and would have difficulty fighting back. (in middle of screen, #409 with blue hat)

By 2.5K a lead group of four had broken away, while Tristan was in a chase pack of about five skiers, already 10 seconds back.
                               (lead skiers from Midwest, New England, and Alaska)

However, this is a course of many hills (two A climbs of 100 and 150 feet) and three B climbs. By the top of the tough White Bear Access climb with just over a 1 km to go Tristan was fighting for a top 5 position with a skier from New England with a group of five or six in hot pursuit..

The heated battle went on to the final 100 meters as they closed in on the 4th place skier, from Anchorage.

Here they are at the awards:

(Left to right here, Bue (10th), Williams (6th), Sayre (4th), Harmeyer (4th), Ketterson (2nd), Gordon (1st), Donaldson (3rd), and Bassett (5th)).

1* 402 GORDON, Koby 15 NE Stratton Mountain School 14:50.4 
2* 405 KETTERSON, Zak 15 MW Loppet Nordic Racing 14:51.6 +
3* 403 DONALDSON, Max 15 AK NSCFairbanks - FXC 14:56.2 
4* 404 HARMEYER, Bill 15 NE Mansfield Nordic 15:12.4 
5* 401 BASSETT, Jake 15 AK Alaska Winter Stars 15:12.9 
6* 409 SAYRE, Tristan 15 AK FAST 15:14.4 
7* 408 HARMEYER, Henry 15 NE Mansfield Nordic 
8* 419 WILLIAMS, Zach 13 IM Sun Valley SEF 15:21.6 
9* 410 HEIMBURGER, Fischer 15 IM Soldier Hollow 15:25.0 
10* 423 BUE, Joe 15 AK NSCFairbanks - FXC 15:30.9 

Note that the three local Alaska boys, easily the smallest in size-weight of the bunch, have been ski buddies since 1st grade!

A video is worth a couple thousand words and snap shots, so here is a good one:


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