Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Feeling Better. And Better.

Almost caught up on my sleep last night. Seven hours is as about good as it gets when you have to get up at 5:15. I think next year, I'll only be getting up that early once a week instead of four or five days. So I'm already starting to feel recovered from Sunday's marathon. I'm also looking forward to a more relaxed coaching schedule over the next few weeks--just watching the kids race at JNs next week and providing background support. Sounds good to me. A lot of the dust has settled and it's nice to be feeling better physically, and more refreshed in my head.

Also feeling better about Sunday's race. I went back through the online archives, which go back to the late 1990s, and found that only four other skiers in the M5 (50-54) age category have gone under 2:30 in the Tour.

2:18:32 Cramner 2002
2:22:05 Jensen 2013
2:27:16 Suddock 2013
2:27:33 Beckner 2004
2:29:36 Me 2013

(technically the 2:29:01 in 2008 I skied was past age 50--just a week after my birthday--but officially I was still an M4).

Anyway, while I'm definitely not in Cramner's and Jensen's league as a skier, I'll take it. I'd like to look up some of the archives because I think the legendary Dick Mize of Anchorage must have had some fast times back in the 80s and 90s.

And speaking of the M5 category, there was a lot of depth out on the trails on Sunday. I haven't checked all age groups yet, but to have 15 guys 2:53 or faster. Plus six under 2:32, and 13 under 2:50, that's pretty solid!

 Trond Jensen  2:22:05.5 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 16
 Rich Suddock   2:27:16.8 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 24
 Roger Sayre   2:29:36.3 Fairbanks AK 50K Free M 27
 Charles Homestead   2:31:22.5 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 30
Jim Lokken   2:31:51.6 Fairbanks AK 50K Free M 32
John Weddleton   2:38:36.0 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 47
Dan Brokaw  2:42:16.4 Girdwood AK 50K Free M 52
Jim Jager  2:42:29.7 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 53
David Ward   2:43:37.0 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 59
Steven Bergt   2:44:46.2 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 62
Ken Leary   2:45:15.9 Fairbanks AK 50K Free M 66
Greg McDuffie  2:48:29.6 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 73
Dennis Poirier   2:48:40.4 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 75
Randall Kanady 2:51:06.7 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 84
John Quimby  4 2:53:08.3 Anchorage AK 50K Free M 91


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