Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edic Leads USA at World Masters

Way to go Dave Edic! With a 5th and 7th so far at the Masters World Cup in Asiago, Italy, the local M6 (55-59) skier is on a roll. He just missed a medal by 8 seconds in the 30K classic earlier this week and also scored well in the 10K. We are often rivals on the trails but also friends, on and off the race course. Kudos to an awesome series!

Sidekick Bad Bob has also skied well at these championships, with 16th and 21st in the respective classic races. Meanwhile, local skiers Chris Puchner, Bruce Jamieson, and Owen Hanley are also competing.

It's been a long-time dream of mine to compete but the timing isn't good, let alone my budget.

Although there are a fair number of masters skiers in this area and the enthusiasm among participants is high, there is not much support or interest outside of the geezers who are out there racing.  I  do think the top four of us actively skiing in the M5-M6 range, adding Jim Lokken) could hold our own as a team in a national competition against any Region in the USA. Add Trond Jensen of Anchorage and you'd have a formidable masters Team Alaska. Not to mention there are several retired/semi-retired Olympians lurking about, very fit too: like Audun Endestad and Todd Boonstra.


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