Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women's all time masters at Equinox, and other notes

By popular demand, here are the top 20 age graded performances from the women’s Equinox Marathon. Well, just kidding. I haven’t gotten any comments one way or another. This blog basically operates in a void. But that’s okay.

If you want the official statistics, go here, It has everything you’d ever want to know about Equinox statistics and trivia. You will find a treasure trove of archives and information. The annual Deluxe booklet is yet another perk that makes this race so unique and fun.

First, however, I’d like to caveat the women’s masters performance list and say that it might not be complete—there might very well be some good age group times that have been buried in the results; please feel free to let me know if there are any corrections.

Rank……Name…………Age………Time……Age Grade Percent
1. Marcie Trent …..61 ..…4:08:05 .….75.1
2. Marcie Trent …..60 ..…4:04:41 .….75.0
3. Marcie Trent …..63 ..…4:10:52 .….74.3
4. Susan Faulkner …..43 ..…3:18:16 .….74.0
5. Marcie Trent …..68 ..…4:46:46 .….73.6
6. Marcie Trent …..59 ..…4:11:43 .….71.8
7. Dorli McWayne …..54 ..…3:59:45 …..70.3
8. Jane Lanford …..48 ..…3:41:51 …..70.3
9. Debbie Cropper …..46 ..…3:38:21 …..69.7
10. Amy Dalton …..45 ..…3:36:59 …..69.2
11. Jane Lanford …..50 ..…3:51:25 …..69.1
12. Georgia Gufstason …..49 ..…3:49:09 …..68.9
13. Doris Cooper …..70 ..…5:58:41 …..68.3
14. Marcie Trent …..56 ..…4:14:20 …..68.1
15. Dorli McWayne …..53 ..…4:04:04 …..68.1
16. Susan Faulkner …..42 ..…3:34:06 …..67.7
17. Jane Lanford …..46 ..…3:44:55 …..67.6
18. Dorli McWayne …..51 ..…3:59:47 …..67.6
19. Marcie Trent …..58 ..…4:24:51 …..67.3
20. Dorli McWayne …..52 ..…4:05:05 …..67.0

If Wayde Leder is The Man for masters men, then Marcie Trent was certainly The Woman. Not only does Trent have 7 of the top 20 age graded Equinox performances of all time, she has the top 3. The other day I said that Susan Faulkner’s 3:18:16 at 43 was an outstanding time, and as an overall course record that has stood for 6 years it still is. Nevertheless, Trent went on a tear after turning 60, capped off with a 4:04 at age 60 and 4:08 at 61. Those will prove to be tough marks to beat. Dorli McWayne has also made her mark with 4 of the top 20. As with the men, we have some tough masters runners out there, with Susan Faulker, Tina Devine, and Jane Lanford ready to take some of these age time down. We can expect to see this list to change a lot in the next few years.

Now that the Deluxe official guide is out here are some comments on the splits, which is always an interesting subject. The fastest split times go way deep this year, well into 40th place and beyond for the men. The report and Notes section even summarized the top 10. Except for one…it just said that I got “run down” by Simon. No matter, I’ve got a blog of my own so here’s the rundown from this geezerly 7th place position.

Place-wise I started out in the low teens for a couple miles, and was in 11th by the first checkpoint at 2.4 miles. I held 10th until we started the steep climb on Ester Dome Road. About 2/3 up, just past Henderson, I passed Simon and moved onto 6th, which I held for 15 miles, until the final 450 meters. The finish was like getting caught up in a buzz saw. I ran 1:11 from 26 to the finish—that’s a pretty good clip for the end of a marathon. Simon ran that same stretch in about 58 seconds, well under 5:00/mile pace. I’ve raced Simon 15 or 20 times and never had finished behind him, but he’s got big talent. Here’s a tip of the hat to my Kiwi friend.

Anyway back to the splits, if you divide the race into thirds--start to St Patricks at 9 miles (10th fastest), to the top of the chute 17.1 miles (7th fastest), and then to the finish (4th fastest)--my splits/placement could not have hardly gone better. The only thing I might change would be to go maybe 10 seconds per mile easier from 18 to 21 to leave a little more energy for the end.

Finally, about making a list the fast starters who faded, what’s up with that? Whatever their reason for slowing down, these runners have already paid a price and I don't we why we have to single them out.


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