Monday, September 22, 2008


The paper ( did a good job of covering the men's, women's, and relay races. I predicted the winners, and their times pretty well, thank you very much.

Harald Aas won in 2:50 and Laura Brosius went 3:20. The rest of the top 5 for men and women weren't quite on, but I think it was as good as the paper's predictions. Congrats to all the finishers, volunteers, and support. This IS an amazing community event.

3:09:44, hey I'll take it and it's especially nice to be lucky enough to get a new age group record. Even though I got outkicked and finished 7th, lower than in 2004 (5th) and 2006 (6th) it was still a good day out there.

Until now this race has been somewhat frustrating. In 2004 I was in the 2nd pack, along with bonafide legends Matias Saari and Bob Murphy when we got stopped by a train for 2+ minutes. But I was still happy to finish on the podium (top 5) and I looked forward to more. Was in great shape mid-summer of 2005 but incurred a stress fracture. In 2006 I was almost as fit but caught a bad cold a couple days before and faded from a solid 4th to 5th, and then was outkicked by an early 30s runner for 5th. I really enjoyed taking a break and entering the relay last year.

This time I don't think I was in the same shape through the summer as in 2005-2006, but race results were solid throughout the year and moving into the new age class didn't hurt. To keep motivated for this year's race I focused on improving mistakes from the past. Things I worked on included running the first two miles slower than pace, taking the uphills a little easier, but also training for faster downhills. I also made sure I had the proper shoes; last time I wore trail shoes which were fine for the first 20 miles, which are mostly trail or gravel road, but these did not hold up well once I hit the pavement. I drank at least one drink at each water stop, often two, plus I had another 4 stashed on the course. Took a Gu about every 45 to 55 minutes (4 total). And finally, at 50 I went in with the attitude that I had nothing to prove.

Just run it, stupid!

It's good to have that monkey off my back and I look forward to future Relays. Not sure how many (if any) full Equinoxes I'll do in the future. NYC Marathon is definitely in my plans for next year and I might want to do Chicago or other lower 48 marathons at some time.


Finally, I took a little time perusing the archives and databases and have come up with a comparative performance ranking for the masters (40+) men* on the Equinox course, using WAVA age graded percentages. WAVA explained a little:

With these tables/calculators you can obtain an equivalent open time, but I don't think that's fair to the open runners. Let's just look at performance on the rugged Equinox course based on the percentages for a given age. Wow, Wayde Leder's The Man. He has 5 of the top 20.

Hope that someone finds this interesting.

Name Age... Time... WAVA Percentage Points
1. Fr. Bozanich 44... 2:58:01... 74.3
2. Bob Murphy 43... 2:58:28... 73.5
3. Roger Sayre 50... 3:09:44... 73.5
4. M. Lindberg 45... 3:02:37... 73.1
5. Wayde Leder 49... 3:09:48... 72.8
6. Jim Decur 53... 3:18:52... 72.6
7. Wayde Leder 44... 3:02:41... 72.4
8. Bob Murphy 52... 3:16:14... 72.3
9. Wayde Leder 51... 3:14:35... 72.2
10. Reifenstuhl 54... 3:20:40... 72.1
11. R. Burton 60... 3:32:44... 72.0
12. Wayde Leder 45... 3:05:26... 72.0
13. Roger Sayre 48... 3:10:47... 71.8
14. Bob Murphy 42... 3:01:21... 71.8
15. Wayde Leder 51... 3:14:29... 71.7
16. M. Lindberg 44... 3:05:14... 71.5
17. S. Justice 42... 3:02:46... 71.2
18. Jim Decur 56... 3:27:20... 71.1
19. Wayde Leder 48... 3:12:45... 71.1
20. Mike Kramer 40... 3:00:18... 70.9

The scores were based on 2006 WAVA calculator Things would actually be a little different if I used a calculator for each era (say 80s, 90s, and 00s); but that would make my brain hurt.

*Sue Faulker's 3:18:16 at 43 is as off the charts as Bozanich's: a 74.0


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