Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Arduous Torture Test

Did the unique "Two Way Torture Test" on Saturday, an old school type of event. No entry fee, porta-johns, or race shirt, only 2 pins per race bib provided, no rock bands or traffic control, and a very large hill. And the most unusual thing about this long-standing local race (two year hiatus 2010, 2011 because they couldn't get the permits I think), is that it's a partner race with the two teammates going opposite directions.
Last time I did this (2009) I went counterclockwise and ran 1:23:35 (or about that), using the terrain as a que. I sort of dialed back on the flats and downhills and ran hard (threshold) on the uphills. It's kind of a natural way to run that direction. This time I wanted to see how it would go the other way, with 3.3 flat miles, 2.5 mile hill climb. Rolling for a few and and two big downhill miles (separated) on the return.

It was warmer than desired, low 70s, but there was decent shade along most of the course (miles 10-12.5 were kind of exposed). The course starts/finishes at about 465 feet along the Chena River.
Splits were something like (elevation [feet] gain/loss in parentheses)
6:09 (+54) 
6:22,  (-55)
6:19, (-20)
7:06 (+118 net, but total +194)
7:33 (+298)
7:58 (+301)
6:06 (-22)
6:19 (+21)
5:42 (-237)
6:18 (-17)
5:42 (-261)
6:11 (-157)
6:00 (-26)
1:24:26, not quite hitting my goal of meeting the 2009 time but it was definitely warmer this year.

Only had half my caffeine and felt out of sycnh from the start. Ran the first mile quicker than planned, and 2nd and 3rd a little slower. The hill was tough but I kept the effort in check. Once over the top, and recovered, I was able to get into a decent rhythm and caught a guy who had been 20 or 30 sec ahead. Last mile was tough, but happy do to that in 6:00 pace.  3rd individual time and 3rd team. Some new talent in town as grad student named Rick blasted a 1:14. Fast time for this course.


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